Most Beautiful Place to visit in Shanghai China

The Shanghai ocean aquarium

This is a great state-of-the-art facility that primarily focuses on Chinese sea creatures, including the endangered Yangzi alligator. There are countless peculiar creatures among dramatic displays and world’s longest shark tunnel that extends to 155meters. They have this conveyor belt that takes you along an underwater (with overhead views) view of colossal fish that provides some really close views of sharks, rays, fish of all kinds and eels.

Address: No.1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120, China

The Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai China

The space-age Oriental Pearl TV Tower with its needlepoint spire and gaudy pink baubles was built as a symbol of Shanghai’s shining future. Now it is the most known structure in this city.  This tower predates three most significant buildings in the skyline, and the most fascinating feature is that it has glass floors to stand on (with terror) at the top. One of the best places to take pictures of the cityscape so don’t forget to bring your camera.

Oriental Pearl Tower at night

Address: No. 1 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120, China


The Jade Buddha Temple

This place is also known as Yufo Si and is famous for its two Buddha statues. One is The Sitting Buddha and the other is The Recumbent Buddha which is in a recumbent position symbolizing the Budha’s attainment of enlightenment or nirvana. These statues are carved from a single enormous piece of white jade. The height of The Sitting Buddha is 190cm and the length The Recumbent Buddha is 96cm. The temple also has some impressive images of heavenly kings.  It attracts tourists with its lovely architecture and sculptures

Address: 170 An Yuan Road, Shanghai, China

The Longhua Temple

Home to the only pagoda in Shanghai also shelters most magnificent, oldest and largest Buddhist Temple. The pagoda is seven-story 40.4 meters high brick structure, rebuilt many times since it was created around 247AD. Its interior architecture is made up of brick body and wooden staircase. The current structure dates back to the tenth century. As you ascend, the area of coming level becomes smaller than the former. On every level, the corners have bells which make pleasant and chirpy sounds. Many Buddhist scriptures, gold seals and statues from the Tang Dynasty, the Five Dynasties, the Ming dynasty and the Qing Dynasty are housed in a hall built in Son Dynasty.

Address: No. 2853, Longhua Road, Xuhui District

Science and Technology Museum

The theme of this vast museum is “man, nature, science, technology”. The setting of the museum is very impressive. The main allure of this museum includes IMAX theater and science halls that consist of an exploding volcano, a recreated rainforest, and an interactive children’s area.


Address: No.2000 Shiji Avenue, Pudong District, Shanghai 200000, China

Xujiahui Catholic Cathedral

The soaring twin towers and flying buttresses of the restored French gothic-inspired Xujiahui Catholic Cathedral are a stunning reminder of European presence in 19th century China. services are held on a daily basis there. The exteriors of the church are worth paying a look.

Address: No.156 Puxi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200000, China



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