Taking Healthcare Forward With Artificial Intelligence!


Artificial Intelligence is transforming the health sector in its true sense- Here’s how!

Do you know Artificial intelligence is just revolutionizing the medical field? This is happening especially in these years where scientists are trying to use Artificial Intelligence to diagnose diseases and do various other tasks more smartly. Do, does it mean that now these medical robots will replace the doctors? Not at all!

Artificial Intelligence will help the doctors do their tasks more conveniently and at low cost. This means that doctors will be able to recognize and diagnose the illness and come up with the treatment more smartly and effectively.

So let’s start and see how Artificial intelligence is transforming the medical field excitingly.

Quick and Smart Diagnosis:

Artificial Intelligence is totally changing the game of diagnosis. Those days are gone when due to human errors there was wrong diagnosis and ultimately wrong treatment. AI now detects minor errors in the reports and scans smartly and quickly. Now there is no need for several scans to be done. AI is prompt in imaging and diagnosing even if there is only a minor sign of the disease. This is especially advantageous in cardiology and radiology fields. Artificial Intelligence can detect a small lump or tumor and in this way, cancer can be diagnosed and treated in the early stages.

Likewise, AI can detect if someone is prone to a heart attack and treatment is done accordingly.

This is not the end. AI can now detect childhood diseases as well. It goes through the medical history of a person (including the handwritten data) and then detects diseases like asthma, meningitis, flu, cancers, genetic disorders, and even Alzheimer’s. This can be a very effective tool to detect the illnesses before it hits the person. This is especially important when the disease does not show up in the early stages like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Artificial Intelligence can detect the illness which might occur in the later stage of one’s life. In this way, doctors can recommend the precautionary steps and medications to prevent the disease.

Senior Author Kang Zhang, a researcher at the University of California summed it up as, “I believe that it will be able to perform most of the jobs a doctor does. But AI will never replace a doctor. It will simply allow doctors to do a better job in less time and at low cost.

Development of New and Effective Drugs:

With the help of AI, scientists and researchers can now speed track the development of the new drugs. AI allows pharmacists to develop new and tailored medicines just according to the patient’s needs. According to a study, it takes almost 12 years and over $350 to develop a new medicine. AI not only reduces the time and money invested to make a new medicine but also allows to make a lot better medicines which have fewer side effects and more advantages.

Formation of Smart Prosthetics:

The prosthetics developed to help the people with special needs cannot act like a normal organ of the body. This means that the brain cannot send the signals to it. So, one has to be very careful while using prosthetics. Now with AI, prosthetics can take images of what they see. These images are recorded and are used to judge what the prosthetic has to do in the given circumstances. For example, artificial limb with AI can take the images of a stone which comes in its way and detect it as a hurdle. Now whenever there would be stone, automatically the limb will get the signals to avoid that. This is a major breakthrough in the field of prosthetics.

Virtual Follow-up:

The doctors cannot help each and everyone out there even if they want to. This happens because of the limited time and it really bothers the patients. Every patient wants to be diagnosed and treated in a good way. Now AI is here for you for virtual follow-ups. You can now install the app and tell it your symptoms. It will diagnose your disease and even recommend healthy lifestyle changes. It takes virtual follow-up visits and sees if the disease is there or not. Companies like Sensely have Artificial Intelligence in their systems which talks to you and solve your medical problems. They have used a human avatar to look more realistic and add human characteristics like empathy.

Complete Health Guidelines:

AI is helping the general public to improve their overall health and remain fit. There are many gadgets that use Artificial Intelligence to track your fitness routine and encourage you to follow your goals. There is a fitness tracker that guides you to achieve your weight loss goals. Not only this it also motivates you to remain on track and lead a healthy life.

Artificial Intelligence helps you and guides you to have healthy food, exercise, and have a healthy lifestyle. In this way, you can only keep a check on you but also learn healthy habits and much more!


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