Samsung’s next wearable is apparently called the ‘Galaxy Watch’

It seems like Samsung’s next wearable will be named the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Samsung recently registered a logo for the “Samsung Galaxy Watch” with the Korean Intellectual Property Organization, as spotted by GalaxyClub. You can check out the filing and logo below:

a screenshot of a cell phone: samsung-galaxy-watch-logo-galaxyclub © Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. samsung-galaxy-watch-logo-galaxyclub

The filing seems to confirm the Galaxy Watch name. Previous rumors referred to Samsung’s upcoming wearable as the Samsung Gear S4, following the naming structure of the Gear S3 and Gear S2 before that. But we also heard rumors that the device may be called the Galaxy Watch, not the Gear S4.

Perhaps this means Samsung may release two wearables (the Galaxy Watch and the Gear S4) or Samsung is rebranding it’s “Gear S” watches with the Galaxy Watch name.



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