Digital therapy- an advanced technique to treat and prevent diseases

All you need to know about the efficacy of digital therapy and how it works. Also, how evidence-based apps can play a major role in the treatment of various health conditions.

Get ready to know about the most advanced therapy method that is all in your hand. Digital therapy is a new way to treat various illnesses with the help of digital apps that work in an evidence-based therapeutic manner.

What is digital therapy?

Digital therapy is the use of smartphone health apps that can improve the effectiveness of medications and can ever replace them.

Digital therapeutics believe to bring change in behavior and lifestyle in order to improve your health. The digital apps for improving health were first introduced in 2000 and the term digital therapeutics was used by 2015. Digital therapy is nowadays prescribed by the doctors along with the necessary medications for various illnesses including Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, ADHD, obesity, diabetes etc.

All the data is collected and saved in the digital app where the improvement is recorded on a daily basis.

It is vital to use the correct digital health app for a particular illness. Only then the desired results can be seen.

Note that digital therapy is not any wellness app but a field of therapeutics which are recommended by health care professionals only.

How digital therapy works?

Digital therapy can be used both as a treatment and as a preventive measure. The methodology of digital therapeutics depends upon the patient’s condition and the reason it is implied. For example, digital therapy can be used not oy to treat obesity but to prevent it as well. In both cases, it’s method of use would be different.

If it’s used as a preventive measure then the apps are as simple as sending notifications in order to remind and alter the behaviour and lifestyle.

In complex scenarios, the digital therapy apps administer radio tag that is indigestible and it interacts with an external sensor to monitor how much medicine is working.

Several devices such as glucometer and insulin pump can also be connected to the digital app to record and store all the data effectively.

For treating mental health conditions, these digital apps can encourage and instruct to follow your exercise routine and meditate daily. There are various mindfulness meditation apps that can help people struggling with anxiety and depression.

Let’s discuss how digital therapy can be used to treat and prevent various health problems.

Digital therapy for weight loss:

To lose weight, the most important behavioral change is to monitor your dietary routine. For this, you can choose a personal digital assistant (PDA) in the form of a digital app which will store your dietary routine and will help you to stick with your weight loss program.

There are various digital therapy machines claiming to burn the fat around your belly. These digital machines are therapeutic and can have a positive result if used properly. There are digital massages also which help you relax after a strenuous exercise, hence encouraging you to follow your routine every day.

Digital therapy for mental health:

The most effective treatment for mental illnesses are the ones based on medications along with therapy. Therapy can enhance your motor skills, cognition, and overall behaviour.

Nowadays, doctors prescribe digital therapy which helps them monitor their patients 24/7. It also helps those who live in far-flung areas where there is no medical help.

Digital therapy tracks the patient’s medicine intake and daily routine. It encourages them to get up and exercise. Not only this, but the doctors can help them online by tracking their progress.

A digital app, Sleepio, aims to treat the people suffering from insomnia. It is an evidence-based CBT which is a six-week program. It uses a virtual sleep expert and his dog in a fun way, but it is actually a ‘full-octane’ CBT. Its effectiveness is backed by the research in which it was observed that those who used Sleepio had a good eight hours sleep daily.

There are many other digital therapy apps which are treatment based and used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. re-SET and re-SET O are used to treat patients with opioid addiction.

Other than these, there are various other digital therapy apps that help treat diabetes and heart diseases. They work in cognition with the medications and health tools, store data and analyse it.

Digital therapeutics allow the patient to choose the health tools wisely, motivates the patients, and make them aware of their illness and it’s treatment.


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