The Top 5 Music Festivals in UK

If you are on the wing to England for vacations, business tours or any other reasons, you must know about the festivals which are usually conducted annually to treasure the beauty of this land. This is also for you if you want a virtual tour (yes, free of cost!) to all these great music festivals.

So, be ready to know about the top 5 of them held in UK every year and swoop in the beauty of these great festivals!

Glastonbury Festival:

This exuberant and colorful festival is the world’s largest green filed festival. It is a five-day festival usually held in the last week of June. The festival hosts music, dance, circus, theatre and what not! The festival takes place in the 900 acres area of Vale of Avalon which is symbolic in many religious traditions dating back many hundred years ago.

Glastonbury is like entering in another world where you experience happiness after every step and do whatever you want to (unless it’s not hurting). Expect a long queue on the entrance and it can take a lot while too. But the wait and effort are worth it. Once you are in, you forget about the real life and enjoy what you want to. It has everything for everyone irrespective of nationality, age, and your group. There is kidz field, theatre, and circus for families. If you are more for silence then get in the field of Avalon, the Tippi Field, and The Green Fields. On Sunday morning, there is drum beat and torches shoe at The Stone circle which is a must experience sight.

You may not have ‘to do list’ with you. Be the one who is going with the flow. If you are not enjoying in one field, just go ahead and there will be for sure something that will astonish you. Those who bound themselves to a particular filed never enjoy Glastonbury the way it should be. Just have a good look at the festival’s events and line-up. You can also head to help desk there to find more. You may find people going crazy, wearing stuff that they will never wear again and just enjoying the festival. Don’t rush and have great memories for it can be your ‘best weekend of the year’ or maybe ‘best days of life’.


Bestival is yet another music festival famous around the world. It takes place between 2nd and 5th August in the captivating woodland- The Lulworth State. In 2015, Bestival won the award ‘The Best Major Festival’ of UK. It was organized by UK’s renowned music specialist Rob da Bank with the aim to create a unique modern-day festival.

There is this main stage on which main musical performance is being held. Other camps are also established from Bollywood to the amazing world of Caravanserai. Bestival is popular for the fancy dresses that people wear there. In 2010, they made a Guinness world record where 55,000 people wore fancy dresses at a time! The beauty of landlocked port can also not be ignored.

It’s solely a non-corporate festival thus it is also named as ‘Boutique Festival’. People from all around the world gather here and enjoy every performance to its fullest. There is a special space for mothers and children. This festival is worth visiting if you are in UK.


Isle of Wight Festival:

Yet another great music festival at the Isle of Wight, Newport holds between 2nd to 5th June. It was originally organized by Foulk Brothers under their company- Fiery Creations Limited.

Many notable artists perform their and make the event worth attending. It is also full of colors and fun with lots of tents and performances. Earlier in the 1970’s, it was supposed to be the world’s largest human gathering.

Wireless Festival:

Wireless Festival is owned and organized by Live Nation. It takes place in different regions of London every year. This counts for its uniqueness though. It took place at Leeds in 2006-07, at Perry Park (Birmingham) in 2014, at London’s Fins bury park in 2018.

The Wireless festival is UK’s urban music festival. Since 2015, it has counted for likes of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West. It is the capital’s most noted musical fest and if one is looking for urban live music, then this festival is a must go. Wireless is not a camping festival. So, one cannot stay there overnight. If you wish to attend the festival the next also then it’s feasible to book the hotel nearby.

Latitude Festival:

Latitude Festival takes place in Hen ham Park, near Southwold, Suffolk. It was first held in July, 2006. It starts anywhere in mid-July.

Latitude Festival is more like other European Festivals. It has bands, music, and artists on four stages i.e. The Obelisk Arena, The Lake Stage, The I Arena, and The BBC Radio 6 Music stage. Latitude Festival is an amazing blend of music, arts, literature, poetry, dance and politics. You will find your kind of heed for sure.

Take Away Note:

To enjoy any event to its fullest remember to follow the directions of a festival and buy tickets beforehand. Don’t do anything that might hurt others. See the line-up of the event before going there. Always see the Do’s and Don’ts of the event. If you are with the family, take special care of your children, pack their necessities with you. Bring your sunglasses and some clothes for the weather is always unpredictable. Enjoy every moment of the festival to its fullest (that one is obvious, though). Happy touring!





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