Natural ways to control high blood pressure

Manage your high blood pressure by natural home remedies and save yourself from various illnesses.

What is high blood pressure?

Let’s understand the blood pressure. It is the force with which blood flows from the heart into the blood vessels. A normal blood pressure reading is 120/80 mm Hg and it is said to be high if it goes above it.

The blood pressure is said to be high when blood moves more forcefully through the blood vessels. This additional pressure causes damage to the delicate tissues of arteries and thus is a cause of many illnesses.

This ‘silent killer’ affects about half of the American adults, according to American College of Cardiology. High blood pressure is said to be silent killer as it does not show its symptoms in the beginning. Mostly, it is diagnosed after it has caused some damage to the arteries.

If left untreated, high blood pressure leads to heart diseases and stroke. So, it is important to consult your doctor after regular intervals. Along with it, you should give a try to over the counter remedies that can significantly lower your blood pressure and that also naturally!

Ways to lower high blood pressure:

The actual and undeniable ways to lower your high blood pressure require a change in your lifestyle. These ways offer a drift towards a healthy lifestyle. So according to the experts, following these simple lifestyle changes will lower your systolic blood pressure by 4-5 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure by 2-3 mm Hg.

Shed extra weight and watch your waistline:

High blood pressure and weight gain are part and parcel. The more you gain pounds, the more you are at risk of developing high blood pressure. Increased weight also causes sleep apnea i.e. difficulty in breathing while asleep. This causes the blood pressure to rise.

Studies have shown that if you are obese, each kilogram you shed lowers your blood pressure by 1 mm Hg. After losing about 4.5 kg of weight, you will start seeing the results.

Apart from weight, the waistline is also a very important factor. Greater waistline increases the blood pressure. This is because there is fat around the vital organs and due to this fat, blood is pumped with more pressure so that it reaches each organ effectively. The waistline of men should not be more than 40 inches and it should not be more than 35 inches in case of women.

  • Reduce weight by effective weight loss strategies.
  • Don’t allow fat to accumulate around your waistline.

Exercise daily:

Experts say that we all should exercise for minimum half an hour a day to remain healthy. Exercise significantly reduce blood pressure, almost 5 to 8 mm Hg. You should exercise daily and consistently to keep your blood pressure normal.

You can try walking, jogging, swimming, and dancing as your daily aerobic exercises. Apart from this, you can try high-intensity interval training and strength training. This includes bouts of intense activity followed by relatively lighter activity as a recovery period. This can be done twice a week. But consult your doctor before practicing high-intensity training.

Follow the DASH diet and lower your blood pressure by food:

Diet plays a very important role in keeping your blood pressure normal. Unhealthy diet elevates blood pressure at a young age and causes various health problems.

Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) is a diet which is:

  • Rich in whole grains and fiber.
  • Rich in fruits and vegetables.
  • No to foods which have saturated fats and are processed.
  • No to full-fat dairy products. Low-fat dairy products should be added to the diet.

You should watch carefully what you are buying. See the labels on your food products and avoid the foods that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Intake of desserts and sweetened beverages is also discouraged. DASH diet lowers your blood pressure as much as 11 mm Hg.

Less sodium intake:

Sodium intake can increase blood pressure, although it is unclear. Studies have shown that salt sensitivity leads to elevated blood pressure. If you already have high blood pressure then it is worth cutting back your sodium intake.

  • Avoid processed foods as they have more sodium.
  • See the labels on the food you buy.
  • Avoid taking salt in your food. Give flavor to your food by various other spices and herbs. But do not hurry in cutting back your salt intake. Do it slowly and then you will find it easier.

Make potassium your best buddy:

Have food that is rich in potassium as it lowers the blood pressure. Potassium helps you to get rid of excess sodium and it thus lowers the blood pressure.

Foods that are rich in potassium include leafy green vegetables, fruits such as bananas, dairy, fish, nuts, and beans.

Keep away stress:

Stress is the key to high blood pressure. Stress increases the heart beat and constricts the blood vessels. If you reduce the stress level, you will significantly reduce the blood pressure.

Practice meditation:

Meditation along with deep breathing can reduce blood pressure. Although it seems more like a technique to keep you stress-free but this also greatly impact blood pressure.

Meditation and deep breathing activate the parasympathetic nervous system that keeps you relax, normalizes the heartbeat, and reduces the blood pressure.

Take home message:

High blood pressure or hypertension is a serious health condition that causes damage to your heart. It can lead to heart attack, stroke, and other heart diseases. It is very important to change your lifestyle towards healthy one in order to manage your high blood pressure. Good news is that high blood pressure can be reduced by natural ways and following them consistently can keep you away from medications.


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