How to Improve your eyesight naturally

Have been wearing specs and contact lens for years and now sick of them? Read below and know ways (all natural!) to improve your eyesight and even get rid of specs.

Eyes are very delicate and vital organs. In this era of tech, we use eyes to focus on our computer screens for hours. Due to excessive focusing and no care, eyes get tired and weak. Soon we experience blurriness, headaches and then finally specs! There are literally ‘natural’ ways in which one can improve their eyesight and get rid of contact lens or/and specs! But before jumping to these ways, let me discuss what eyes are and then it would be lot easier to take care of them.

Understand your eyes:

If you really are into improving your eyesight then it is very important to know how eyes work. Eyes can focus on objects through lens inside the eye ball. The whole eye see the object with the help of muscles in the eye ball. Due to excessive focusing, the muscles get strained and a sight dysfunction may occur. Thus, improving eyesight means to help those uptight muscles to get relaxed. When these eyeball muscles get relaxed, lens can again focus perfectly.

Two natural ways to get rid of glasses!

There are natural ways to help the strained muscles get relaxed. If one is following a proper routine and is determined then believe me this thing happens- eyesight gets better! Below are those magical ways that can lead to spec-less life

Good diet:

It is really important to have lots of fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables have all those nutrients which an eye needs. Research has shown that green and yellow fruits and vegetables inhibit muscular degeneration which is a leading cause of blindness in old age.

  • Vitamins A, C and E which are essential for bright eyes.
  • Minerals like copper and zinc
  • Antioxidants protect macula (part of retina responsible for sharp image) from sun damage.
  • Sulfur, cysteine and lecithin protects lens from forming cataract. Garlic, onions, shallots etc. has lots of sulfur in them.
  • Anthocyanin have anti-inflammatory properties. Anthocyanin can be found in blue berries and can certainly help improve the eyesight.
  • DHA – a fatty acid for providing structural support to cell membranes and thus boosts eye health. DHA can be found in cold water fish like salmon and cod.

Eye Exercises:

This simple eye exercise routine MUST be followed to improve vision. Main objective of eye exercises is to relax the eye muscles. These exercises can be done in early morning, evening, before going to bed or any other part of the day. If you work in front of computer for hours then practice these exercises throughout the day.


Palming is the technique to relax your eyes. Whenever eyes are fatigued or before any exercise, one should ‘palm’ the eyes.

  • Sit with your back straight, shoulders relaxed. You can sit straight or lie down on the floor. Make sure your back is straight and shoulders all relaxed.
  • Rest your elbows on a cushioned surface so that your arms are relaxed too.
  • Rub your hands gently until heat is generated and hands become warm.
  • Place the palms on your eyes and adjust them till it’s all dark.
  • If you can ‘see’ only black color then you are relaxed. But if you see illusions of blue, red or other bright colors then you are stressed. Relax yourself as much as you can.
  • Do not try to see in the dark. This will strain your eyes even more. Just relax, blink and breathe deeply.
  • DO this for 10 to 15 seconds and then repeat.
  • Palming can be done whenever you want to relax your eyes.


Sunning is the way to provide your eyes those warm sun rays which relax the eyes and also provide for Vitamin D.

  • Sunning should be done early in the morning when sun rays are not too hot. Morning sun shine is pure and less bright thus benefits the eyes more.
  • Sit facing the sun with your back straight and shoulders relaxed. It is advised to sit in front of a window rather than sitting direct in the sun light.
  • Close your eyes and let the rays penetrate your eyes for some time.
  • Then with closed eyes imagine making a huge circle around the sun with your nose both clock wise and anti-clock wise. This should be done in a relaxed manner.
  • Breathe deeply throughout.
  • Sunning should be done once in a day.


It is a whole body exercise which helps relax the eyes and relieves fatigue and stress.

  • Stand straight with relaxed body. Feet should be 12 inches apart.
  • Now tilt to your left side in a way that your face and neck remains straight while tilting. The right foot should rise from the floor. Stay here for a second or two.
  • Then tilt your body towards right in the same manner.
  • You should make a 180 degrees angle from the eyes. Do not try to see or focus anything meanwhile. Just practice passive relaxation.
  • It is preferred to do this exercise in front of a white wall.
  • Repeat this exercise two times a day.
  • If you do this exercise before bed then it helps eye to remain relaxed during sleep.

Central fixation:

Central fixation is the exercise which helps you to see one part of any object. Actually the central part of retina is responsible for sharp image. You can teach your eyes to see one part of any object clearly while other parts remain blurry (and it’s just okay!)

  • Make a chart with numbers on it and attach it anywhere on the level of your eyes. Sit at a distance where you start seeing the blur image.
  • Practice palming first. Then try to see the numbers one by one. If you cannot see the sharp imagine then don’t panic, breathe deeply, palm your eyes and try again. Your eyes should remain relaxed throughout.

The Results:

You will start seeing results within a month provided that you take enough fruits and vegetables and perform eye exercises religiously. Good luck!


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