Eustress- A positive stress that keeps us alive!

“When we accept tough jobs as a challenge to our ability and wade into them with joy and enthusiasm, miracles can happen” Arland Gilbert

What is Eustress?

When we think and speak about stress, all we know is the ‘bad stress’ that is harmful to us. This is termed as the chronic stress that can lead to severe conditions like anxiety and depression. This has negative impacts on one’s life and is needed to be treated professionally.

But do you know stress can also be a good one? This stress is called eustress that literally means good stress. The effect of this stress is positive and beneficial for you. Eustress is necessary to keep you going, to help you remain enthusiastic and energetic to face different circumstances. The term was coined by endocrinologist Hans Selye who studied the effects and impact of stress on our mind and body.

Eustress is actually created by you!

Studies have shown that eustress is actually a positive perception towards any event. If you take that event as a trial or a difficulty then it leads to distress which is a bad kind of stress. Contrarily, if you take that event as challenging and exciting then it leads to eustress. You feel motivated to accomplish that task or face any particular thing. This positive approach can help you minimize your distress and enhance your positive capabilities and energies. 

So, it is not the event (mostly) that causes distress or eustress, it is your perception that makes stress positive or negative. Just see your stressors and perceive something positive and challenging out of it.

Is eustress always good for you?

As said, eustress keeps you motivated and it is essential for you to help you achieve your goals. But excessive eustress is also not good for you as eventually it can lead to chronic stress and will drain you out. So, maintain a balance and figure out which type of stresses you can easily avoid so that you do not feel overwhelmed. Because the feeling of overexcitement can have negative impacts as you would not be able to accomplish all things together. It means eustress has positive effects on you when you are excited and energetic to accomplish a goal and finally you do so. If you are unable to accomplish what you want, you will be taking yourself towards distress. 

Some examples of eustress:

Eustress works in all your life problems whenever you take things challenging and not problematic. Researchers have shown that eustress can enhance your performance, self-confidence, and keeps you physically and mentally fit.

Eustress at work:

It is seen that eustress enhances capability and performance during your work. It makes you motivated and energetic and fuels your success. If you take your job as challenging and exciting yet accomplishable, then you can achieve your target. If you are finding your way to a promotion as hard but achievable and you find it exciting then its eustress. But if you are taking your job responsibilities as hard and beyond your potential then it leads to distress and will eventually make you anxious.

Ways to include eustress at work:

If you know that you are not doing well at your workplace then it’s time to add some positive stress in your life. On daily basis, try to accomplish some new things and tasks. Take charge of some additional responsibilities but beware that those responsibilities are not hard and un-accomplishable. Because then you will be overwhelmed and it will cause distress.

Develop some new skill. Learn every day and learn from your mistakes. This will help you boost your confidence and energy. 

Eustress during traveling:

We all know that travelling is stressful. Moving out is not easy. You have to meet new people and adjust to your new home. But side by side, this traveling makes you excited, a feeling of happiness and anticipation is also there. If that feeling of is more than the fear of moving out, then you will be able to add eustress in your life. This will make your traveling easy and you will find happiness in it. You will experience different things joyfully rather than seeing them as a ‘threat’.

Ways to include eustress when traveling:

Do not overthink. Think of the positive things that you will experience rather than focusing on difficult things. Try to explore the new area and find good food, a good place to shop, and make new friends. This will make you happy and will help you keep your motivation on.

Eustress and business:

To make your business run well, you have to promote it by meeting new people and by networking. If thinking of accomplishing this these tasks make you feel happy and energetic then it’s good stress within you. It will help flourish your business as never before. You will find it challenging and will make your business grow by doing things what are possible. You will even go beyond to accomplish your goals.

Ways to include eustress and grow your business:

Meet new people every day and talk to them about your business. Be confident about what you are doing. You should know that you are doing right. Be confident about your ideas and let people know what you think and how you want to grow your business. Start some business in which you have real interest. Do not start something which is not appealing for you as it will cause distress.

Eustress in college:

You will find pleasure in studying, researching, preparing for tests, and discussing your subject with your friends. This positive stress to get good grades and stand out will make you happy and help you fulfill your goals.

Ways to include eustress during your college:

Choose the subjects in which you have an interest. Choose your field wisely and see if thinking about that field makes you excited. If yes, then go for it. Prepare for your tests and get good grades. This will make you feel accomplished.


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