Drinking water is the key to weight loss! Here’s how

Imagine you are following a tough diet plan to shed some extra pounds but you notice that nothing is working. Obviously, it will not be encouraging. You cannot blame your diet plan immediately. Firstly, notice your entire eating habits. You might be following your new diet plan religiously. But have you drunk enough water daily?

Doctor Thomas Chi, Urologist at the University of California San Francisco, says that all your diet plans will seem not to be working if you are not taking enough water.

“People who are on extreme diets, they tend to have higher levels of salt and less hydration. These high salt levels may be particularly problematic for meat-rich diets. A lack of water, combined with an increased intake of meat, can lead to complications like kidney stones,” Chi says.

You should immediately respond to the feeling of thirst because it indicates that your body is running out of fluids. If you don’t respond to thirst, then you will be opening ways to dehydration.
So, whatever diet plan you are following, do keep a check on your water intake because experts are of the view that water intake can really affect the way you will respond to a diet plan.

How water intake actually helps:

Drinking water alone doesn’t have any weight loss effects. If you are drinking enough water but having fried food, cheese, and burgers then you will not lose weight whatsoever.

But water does help when you are following a healthy diet plan. Water distributes the macronutrients effectively and also has a filling effect. This means that if you drink water before having meals then you will be having less urge to eat because water will somewhat fill you up.

Other than this, water keeps you hydrated and you feel active and fresh. If you drink a lot of water between the meals, you will eat less and subsequently lose weight.

How to add more water to your daily routine?

Water is essential for your survival, more than any other thing which you consume, water is the one that is most important. But quite often, one forgets or just ignore to have enough water daily. 

We all know that one should consume 8 to 12 glass of water daily. Besides, if you are struggling in weight loss, then you should try to have the maximum amount of water to make your diet plan actually work. 

Here are some tips you can try in case you forget to drink water. 

Pack your water on the go:

This is very important to keep a water bottle with you wherever you go. Because very often we neglect water when we are out. Sip your water time and again to keep yourself hydrated and full. 

Try having water from your bottle when you feel somewhat hungry. This will relieve your hunger for some time and also you will be well hydrated. 

Set an alarm:

Many of us literally forget having water. We do not find it important to respond to our thirst. This has a very bad effect on your health as well as your diet plan. 

If you forget to have water all day long then set an alarm for every 15 minutes. Respond to this alarm by taking a glass of water. Soon, you will develop a habit of having water. 

Look for some water alternatives:

There are moments when one gets ‘bored’ to have water. In that case, you can always go for mint tea,  iced herbal tea, juices etc. These liquids are a good source of nutrients as well as keep your body hydrated.

As you want to lose some extra weight, you should opt for sugarless tea or you can use artificial sweeteners.

Try having juicy foods:

If you are not sure that your hunger is actually your thirst or not and you already consume less water then go for juicy foods whenever you feel hungry. The right options for juicy foods are vegetables and fruits.

In case you are having fruit to keep yourself hydrated, do consider the amount of sugar you are consuming as fruits have fructose in them.

Respond to your thirst immediately:

Try to drink water as soon as you feel thirsty. Another tip is that you can drink water whenever you feel a slight hunger. Why? Because often we mistakenly take thirst as hunger and try to eat instead of drinking water.

The right approach is to sip some water whenever you feel hungry. Wait for fifteen minutes and if you still feel hunger then have food. In this way, you will have enough water and you will consume less food as you already had water which has a filling effect.

Takeaway message:

Water is essential for life. It helps your body to function properly. Water is also very important when you are following a specific diet plan to lose weight. Water is ‘freebie’ which means that it does not add to your calories yet have a filling effect. It fills up your tummy and you feel less hungry.

Water distributes the nutrients in a balanced way and actually helps you lose weight. Ideal combo to lose weight is a healthy diet plan, healthy lifestyle, exercise, and a lot of water!


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