13 miraculous ways to cope with stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are the normal reactions to unusual changes in our lives. Stress is the feeling of frustration and nervousness while anxiety could be a reaction towards stress. Anxiety is simply when one feels unknown fear and unease. While stress and anxiety are normal and sometimes healthy reactions, if they persist for long and interferes with a person’s day to day life, then one should seek medical help. Apart from medications, one can bring changes in their lifestyle for an effective treatment.

Your action plan!

I will discuss 12 effective ways to cope with stress and anxiety in the way that you will feel back to your life and will be able to manage the challenges and face the world like you want to! So, start this routine today and see the positive changes yourself.

Exercise daily

Start your day with a walk or some exercise. It does not have to be vigorous and for hours. Just a light exercise or some walk will definitely help. Even if you do not feel like exercising, just give it a try. You can go out and have fresh air as well. Exercising relieves stress by increasing blood circulation. Reasons to consider exercise a great way to cope with stress and anxiety are

  • Exercising releases ‘endorphins’ which are known to be ‘happy hormones’. So, this for sure will be a good start of the day, relieving your stress and allowing you to concentrate well throughout the day.
  • Exercising boosts confidence as you start feeling good in your body and feel more competent.
  • You will sleep well after exercise and this will automatically release your stress.


Deep breathing

Deep breathing helps to relieve stress and anxiety effectively. Sit in a relaxed position and consciously breathe for about 5 minutes. You can try this method:

  • Inhale the air slowly from one nostril and fill your lungs completely with fresh air. Then remain as such for a few seconds to allow an effective gaseous exchange.
  • Exhale the air from another nostril. In this way, maximum carbon dioxide will be exhaled
  • Practice it until you start feeling good. Deep breathing really helps to cope with anxiety and also helps to maintain good concentration level.


Eat well-balanced diet

Maintaining a well-balanced diet can really reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Try adding foods which contain carbohydrates, Vitamin B, and omega-3s.

  • Consumption of vitamin B leads to good mental health. Vitamin B is found in fish, eggs, meat, and dairy products
  • Omega-3s helps reduce depression and anxiety. Nuts and seeds are good sources of omega-3s
  • Carbohydrates help regulate the production of the neurotransmitter ‘serotonin’ which helps us remain calm.

Have a good sleep

Good sleep is really important to reduce stress. Have a relaxing massage and sleep well during the night. Try to sleep for seven to nine hours and see how it reduces the anxiety level.

Talk to someone

Reach out a friend or family member whom you trust and you feel comfortable to talk with. Discuss the problems you are facing without any hesitation. If you are feeling anxiety due to no specific reason, even then discuss how you are feeling right now. Speak your heart out. This a great therapy to reduce your stress and you will feel light right away!


Meditation literally re-wires your brain and make you stress-free. Meditation increases the grey matter of the brain. It allows you to think in a clear way and reduces stress and anxiety level effectively.

  • Just sit with eyes closed and concentrate on your breathing pattern
  • Sit with your eyes closed and concentrate on your thought pattern

Take a time-out

Going on vacations is a good idea to reduce stress and anxiety. Preferably go to green areas and spend time observing nature!

Pen it down

Write down your thoughts. They may be random and make no sense. Still, write down your thoughts on a paper. Writing down your thoughts clears your brain and you feel lighter.

Practice laughter therapy

Take a break and laugh and giggle! Laughing for some time produces happy hormones in the body.

Try to watch some funny videos or recall funny incidents with your friends and family.

Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT)

Organize your thoughts. You can take a single thought and think about whether it’s realistic or not? Whether it’s worth to think about continuously or not? If not then wash that thought out of your mind. Question yourself. Practice this therapy with eyes closed and in a relaxed position.

Live in the present:

Don’t stress yourself thinking about future plans. Think about the present scenario. Similarly don’t think about your past as its gone now! Concentrate on your present. Those with anxiety feel too much about future issues or beat themselves for past problems. Try to eliminate all these thoughts to clear your mind.

Start your day with charity:

Start your day with charity! It can just be a smile to someone. You will calm and hopeful. Doing something good to someone without asking for favors develops confidence and makes a person happy.

Be Thankful and express it:

Show gratitude. Saying ‘Thank you’ is a way to reduce your anxiety as you focus on good. Be thankful to your creator and His creations. This will induce positive thoughts in your brain and washes the negative vibes!

Take away:

Anxiety needs to be treated. Consult your doctor if you need medications along with psychotherapy. Besides this treatment, you can speed up your recovery by practicing certain daily lifestyle changes or natural ways to control your stress and anxiety a great deal!


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