Export Documentation- International Consignment Note (CMR)

When you are all set to transport goods internationally by road, then you should be very conscious of what documents you need along the way. These documents are very important as they are checked time and again by the authorities. If the documents are incomplete or not filled properly then it might result in the halt. One of these documents is International Consignment Note. Below are the answers to FAQ’s about this form to avoid any confusions.

What is an International Consignment Note CMR?

International Consignment Note or CMR is a carriage of goods document which is required when the goods are being transported internationally by road. It has its own set of liability conditions which replaces the terms and conditions of individual business. It confirms that there is a contract between the carrier and the exporter that the goods have been received. It is not a document of title i.e. the transporter does not have the rights of ownership of the goods, unlike the Bills of Lading.

CMR contains the following information:

  • Information about the sender (exporter), the transporter (haulage form), and the receiver (importer).
  • Information about the nature of the goods and their packaging.
  • Any costs that may be charged.
  • Gross weight of the goods.


How to fill the International Consignment Note?

The CMR note can be filled by the exporter or the carrier but exporter remains responsible for the information given.

  • The date and place should be written as to when and where the CMR note was filled.
  • The name and address of the exporter, the transporter and the importer.
  • The nature of goods and the method of packaging should be written. However, sometimes, it’s not advisable to write the nature of precious goods so that transporter does not exactly know it.
  • The gross weight of the package/goods.
  • Information about dangerous goods.
  • Customs information must be written on the CMR note.
  • Any costs must be written.

When is an International Consignment Note Required?

CMR note is a must when the goods are to be transported by road, internationally. This is a contract between the sender and the transporter and is a proof that the transporter has received the goods. It also has transport and liability conditions stated, which are important for the transportation of goods by road.


Why CMR is needed?

When the goods are transported from the UK to France commercially, then the CMR note should be carried by the transporter. If the International Consignment Note is not completed properly, then the haulage company has the authority to reject the consignment. CMR note also provides an extra level of care that the goods would be transported safely.

Where one can get CMR?

You can get CMR form from the freight forwarder, just see that it should be UN aligned format. You can also get one from HMRC which is a UK Government site. Alternatively, you can have a template online for free from different websites.


Click here to download International Consignment Note CMR PDF template



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